● BRUT summer NON school

Summer NON school for young people living in Glasgow, UK

In collaboration with Agile City, LINKES Community Project, and Baltic Street Adventure Playground
Glasgow, UK
19-30 July 2021

The work of BRUT Collective takes a new turn in 2021. Amidst the Covid-19 crisis, we find it crucial to re-address public space and re-think how it can be utilized for the public’s, especially young people’s, wellbeing post the isolation. We will examine how body movement, sports, and urban areas that allow such activities, affect our physical, mental and societal health and what could be done to improve it. Through in-depth research, activities, and experiments in art, architecture, and sports we will focus upon the value of time spent together open air. The summer NON school will encourage young people to stay active, take charge of their urban space and organise within.

This project has received support from Creative Scotland